Posted by: yogakarma | April 14, 2007

A year to come…હુ તને ખુબ ચાહુ છુ.

I still remember the day a year ago. At this time, I was excited. I had not seen her for whole day. I was looking for the next day, sun rises and I will be able to meet her again cause I could not meet her today.

Next day she was so beautiful, I was happy very happy. I did not know what love was but I had this feeling that this is what may be love. I can not forget her. She was sweet to me next day. I do not know if I will be able to write anything tomorrow. The day when we became one…

Now she is gone… on different route… I do not know if she is happy or not. She does not know if I am happy or not. I can not get to her. Why did she leave? I never wanted this to happen. This is not what I wanted. This just happened and I am have to leave with this pain. It is getting impossible some days.

I am not able to forget her at all. I try all the time that I do not think of her but how to let her go. I made promise to her that I will be her any condition and will take care of her. I am failed. She just left and I just could not see this happening. How to take care of her when she is not here? I failed. It is hard.

I do not give up easily. God, would you please fix this?

હુ તને ખુબ ચાહુ છુ.


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