Posted by: yogakarma | April 18, 2007

Some one has seen her on our special day!!!

Today I learned that she was happy on our day. Someone spotted her. They said she looked happy. She was with few other people. Do not know who they were. I also do not want to guess. May be it is good that I do not know who were with her. Though, it was our day. We decided no matter how much we love or fight. Wherever we are we will remember each other.

I remembered her lot on that day. I could not bring myself up on that day. Just 3 days ago. I learned that she was happy and safe. The person who spotted her tried to talk to her, she walked away from my friend without answering anything. My friend was insulted and called me to ask what is up. When I told my friend what happened, my friend cried. My friend could not believe this could happen between us.

I could not stop my tears either. I am sad today, cause my friend called me and now everything I was trying to forget once again came up in my mind. Only thing, is good that I know she is fine. She was laughing and smiling my friend said. She was all happy till my friend approached her. Well, that was our special day.

I just miss her too much today. I can not stop my tears in office. I just have to do something. I am writing this blog, so at-least someone knows how I feel.



  1. એકાદ એવી યાદ તો છોડી જવી હતી

    છૂટ્ટા પડ્યાની વાતને ભૂલી જવી હતી

    વહેતા પવનની જેમ બધું લઈ ગયાં તમે

    થોડીઘણી સુગંધ તો મૂકી જવી હતી

  2. હું તું – હતા ને સામે તો સેના ઊભી હતી

    કેવો હતો સમય અને કેવી ઘડી હતી ?

    માંગી શક્યા નહીં કોઈ વરદાન, બાકી તો

    તારો જ રથ હતો અને આ આંગળી હત

  3. i do understand how do u feel bro.. i’ve been there in the same situation.. and i know how much it hurts !

  4. Pranavbhai,
    After I wrote about her I just feel very sad. I loved her very very much.
    I am thankful to you for your support. I am feeling loney but I love her very much.

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