Posted by: yogakarma | April 20, 2007

Some song become special because of special someone…

Some songs I do not prefer to listen any more. She used to sing them. She used to like those song. Sometime she made me sing those song (such a horrible voice I have). She loved it when I sang. She was so happy with me. Those days were amazing. We used to sing songs, go out every night. Just wonderful!

Everybody used to tell us that we are made for each other. Well, everybody is wrong. She left and never even looked back. Her B’day is coming near. I want to send her card. Where should I send it? I even do not have phone number or email address. Postal Address I have is not working (tried and failed to get through).

Any of you reading it right now, would you just think of her for the second. Think of me. I am just here, can not forget her. How long will this last? Everytime I try to forget her hard, it comes back to me stronger.

Oh Well, I will always love her. She is my first love and only love. I will be here. Just here. Why not me? Just come back my love.


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