Posted by: yogakarma | May 6, 2007

it was her B’day

Hello two days ago, it was her b’day. I tried to contact her, I did my best to find her. Guess what I found following things :

1) She changed her email address. Her Email address is bounced.

2) She is doing job.

3) She has new friends who are boys.

4) Her friends think I am could not appreciate her and she is far better. They think I do not love her. God, I will accept any lie but not loving her, is not true. I love her I love her I love her very much.

5) I could not find her new email address but I found a place where she participate in forum. I tried to be member of that forum to post but it is by invitation only. I just see her but could not get to her.

I think this was my last try. I already have received paper from her. I wanted to get to her before I sign the paper. I really do not want to sign the papers. I want to stay married to her. I celebrated her b’day here without her. It was big party and I invited my friends. They did not know why I did it, but it was all for her.

I love her very much. I really do not want to sign the papers. I love her very very much. I have no place to tell this, that is why I am typing here. I just can not forget her. She is happy, that is good but I want her to be happy with me.

When she left she did not tell anyone why she left. Now she think I did not love her enough on that forum :((

If any of you can prey for me. Please do so. I just can not go on like this.



  1. Dude! i am very sorry for what you are going through. I wish I could help. I was looking for the lyrics “main jahaan bhi rahoon” and found your blog. I cannot really get to know what you might be going through but have been through this once, when someone I loved more than myself denied my love! Right now every sip of scotch that goes down my throat makes me feel better.

    A complete stranger…

  2. I just surfed and came across your blog, your situation is very similar to mine, I also know how hard it’s to survive rejection. I didn’t understand though what’s happened why did she decide to leave and why you can’t meet her after it? If you were married, how can she just disappear without leaving any traces? Well not mean to get into what’s none of my business, but simply curious..
    All the best

  3. I never heard from her ever. She just left.
    I can not meet her cause I do not know where she went.
    I do not know why she left. She never gave me any indication. She just left. There was no trace for months.
    I just heard that she called few people so I do not know involve authority to find her. I loved her deeply. The latest update says, lawyer are making things difficult. Extremely difficult. She has found her new path.

    I love her still. Can not understand why me? I am very sad. Thank you for posting here. I feel better.

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