Posted by: yogakarma | May 14, 2007

One Bedroom Flat …Story of a Software Engineer

As the dream of most parents I had acquired a degree in Software Engineer and joined a company based in USA the land of braves and opportunity. When I arrived in the USA it was as if a dream had come true…



  1. Hi,

    Touching story/incident! Indian economy is on fast track. Gone the old days of going abroad to earn and come back… you should either have the mindset to settle outside india or to stay within. There are no other choices..

    Read my blog for further news…Indians back Home

    Ramesh Natarajan

    PS: I am also planning to come back soon

  2. Moral of story:

    Don’t work at MNC’s. They are blood-brain suckers!

  3. Kartik,

    I don’t think so. MNC’s provide best environment to work. Having worked with many MNC’s so far, I dont think, i can work in a local company.

    I think it is a mindset. I look at this, as an opportunity to excel and to get the most out of us..

    Ramesh Natarajan

  4. Yes,

    They provides good amount of $, facilities and so on.

    And you got opportunity to excel and to get ‘Only one bed flat’? I better live here and have 2 BHK 😉

    I will not work where Freedom is not around 1 km. I surely love company where Value >>> Money.

    ~ Kartik

  5. Dear Karthik,

    The fact is, few years back, there were not enough opportunieis within India for many professionals to excel, so moving out of India was an alternative to grow in their career. I would say with the growing Indian economy, there are lot of new opportunities for seasoned professionals to excel within India.

    Living in India or outside is a personal choice, it depends on how flexible and adaptive you are to new culture and the ability to retain your beliefs and cultures, in a new environment. If you are not able to get used to the new culture, climate or people, it is better to stay at home.

    I know many people who are reluctant to move within the country from one state to another or say from one location in a city to another location. I am not here to argue on their choice. After all, the way of living is one’s personal choice, we can’t comment on it.

    Read the article ‘Most Livable places in the world’ in my blog for more details:

    The World’s Most Livable Cities


    PS: Please email me to if you have differ with me.

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